Lovni turizem

In the area of ​​the Hunting association Gornje Posočje, where nature is still relatively untouched, you can experience an unforgettable hunting adventure and thus become richer for a new experience of traditional hunting with genuine hunters who take you to the high mountain or mid-mountain world of wildlife.
You will surely see, taste and finally understand why the Upper Soča Valley is the pearl of Europe and how it is still possible to stop time in the modern world. In the Upper Soča region you can find several types of game, from gamsa, goat, roe deer, deer to wild boar, wild boar, and all other small wild game.
Depending on the terrain you can hunt high in the mountains, lower in the forests of the hills and valleys and along the beautiful Soča river. They are hunted by hunting families who have their own hunting grounds. You can see more on the map where you can see in which hunting ground you would like to catch and which game.
For more information, organization or just inquiry, contact Dolores Čarga. Contact: dolorescarga@gmail.com or phone +38631607862